「MONO JAPAN」でEN TEAの丸若さんにお会いしました。
EN TEA meets the "field" and the "tea drinker" and pursues many possibilities to match the modern lifestyle.
Mr.Maruwaka called "Regenerator of Japanese culture" always brought "Japanese tea" when he went to Paris.
He felt the difference in culture when drinking green tea there. He was convinced of the possibility of green tea here.

「僕 "日常茶飯事"っていう言葉があるの知ってますよ!」
"Have a try!"

He gave a little extracted green tea to the bottom of the cup.
I tried it...
It smells a little bit like the grain, and it looks like Dashi.
"What is the taste?"
"This is the UMAMI"
I don't know this taste until now.
Though UMAMI has been accepted in Europe, I wonder.
And I asked him "What kind of person agrees with this taste UMAMI?"

He said "Those who are interested in enjoying the original taste of vegetables and who are interested in Japanese culture."
"And, they accept with respect The Japanese MONO
that is full of farmer's effort and spirit."

"Have everyone understand."
He looked like he was happy.
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